Small wonders of Berlin


Berlin is a party and everyone is invited. Discover the creative spirit that attracts all of Europe. Seek out talented artists in the best independent galleries. Find daring chefs who turn culinary traditions into contemporary art. And have a drink at our favourite secret bars. The recommendations are sorted in four sensible categories:

– Out of the ordinary: Great little places to explore
– On the table: Delicious eats and treats
– Pause and think: Quiet corners and green retreats
– To your health: Kuchen, kaffee & cocktails

Together with a beautiful easy-to-use city map, neighbourhood intros and a few useful tips for the city, it all comes on just one piece of high-quality paper. Written by Michelle Arrouas. Read an excerpt on Pauly Saal.

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Content 40 unusual places to see, eat, drink and pause
Kreuzberg and Mitte
A3 (30 x 42 cm) folded to A6 (10 x 15 cm)
Origin Offset printed on FSC certified paper in Denmark 2016