Green wonders of Trastevere

August 27, 2015


If you go to Rome's charming Trastevere, do a green detour

If you crave shadow and (relative) quiet, pass the many merchants on Via delle Lungaretta and the tourist crowds of Piazza di Santa Maria. Instead, go a bit south for quieter streets as we did when we visited earlier this summer. 

We paused for almost three hours in the shadow of the trees on Piazza San Cosimato where our two girls climbed, jumped and ran around the playground. It's a small green spot in Rome where we like to pause and watch local life unfold.

Go to Rumi for an organic food stop close by. At Rumi you can buy organic vegetables if you're cooking yourself, and a few home made treats to take away and eat in the shade. The menu changes often and when we visited, the tiny cool place offered delicious salads, newly baked bread, miniature pies and wonderful fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juice.

It's all organic. Just perfect for a green detour in Rome.
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