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May 04, 2015


Extraordinary – and extraordinarily local – gastronomy in Rome

We just spend a small Danish holiday at Tine's parents – and it reminded us of one extraordinary restaurant in Rome which we included in 'Small wonders of Rome'.

We spend almost the entire weekend outside in their extended garden in the Danish countryside where we harvested the very first rhubarbs and asparagus for our dinner. During spring and summer time there will be 
peas, potatoes, carrots, chives, mint, parsley, artichoke, celery, corn, three kinds of tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries and many more. All just a few meters from the kitchen – truly locally produced.

In Rome's cozy Monti neighbourhood, Urbana47 is all in on good quality crops produced as locally as possible. This hip and sustainable restaurant is part of the Italian movement Zero KM which aims for the shortest possible distance from field to table. To us, that makes sense in so many ways. The produce is fresh and varies with the season, it saves CO2 emissions from transportation, and it supports local farming in Lazio.

Plus the food! It's a fresh, experimental and confident take on Italian cuisine – a memorable culinary experience. 
Urbana47 is, without a doubt, one of Rome's small wonders. 
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