Small wonders of Rome


42 unusual places to see, eat, drink and pause

This carefully curated, personal and witty map guide explores the more unusual of Rome’s three wonderful neighbourhoods Centro Storico, Trastevere and Monti – all on one piece of paper.

A tiny café with a Friday night DJ and a hip organic restaurant. New artistic talent and stunningly tasty ice cream. A truly local bar for espresso, music or a flavory drink. And a hidden green garden to pause and think. All sorted in four sensible categories:

– Out of the ordinary: Great little places to explore
– On the table: Delicious eats and treats
– Pause and think: Quiet corners and green retreats
– To your health: Vino! Gelato! Caffè!

Our guide comes with an easy-to-use map to navigate the side streets and quiet piazzas. We believe it's all you need to uncover the smaller wonders of this great city. Enjoy, and enjoy Rome. Written by Tine Lind and Jakob Vestergaard.

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Content 40 unusual places to see, eat, drink and pause
Centro Storico, Trastevere and Monti
A3 (30 x 42 cm) folded to A6 (10 x 15 cm)
Origin Offset printed on FSC certified paper in Denmark 2016